Trusting In the Divine

I hope the holiday season is going well for you and your families. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Some of the reason for this is - it is a time when people are a bit more compassionate towards others. We all know that being compassionate should be the norm all year – and some people are. However, acts of kindness tend to increase and be more emphasized during this time of year. People dip into their pockets a little deeper during this season to help others. So, what hinders this level of compassion throughout the year? I assert the majority of people are kind and helpful and would give more if they thought they could – which leads us into the point of this month’s article – trusting in the divine.

Marie O'NeillWhen we have a feeling of lack it is basically a constriction in our being. We feel we don’t have enough and therefore we live our lives from this vantage point. When we look around, we may see others as having more and because of our feelings of lack, we feel jealousy and find fault in those whom we view as having more. In some cases we become hoarders of things, money, trash, animals or anything we can get our hands on.

The Divine (aka: God, Jehovah, Higher Mind, Allah, Universal Intelligence) can only mirror back to us, what we send out. This is not done through what we say but how we feel. Prayers are very important but how we feel when we pray is vital concerning what we receive. It’s fine and good to say affirmations but if we are feeling a since of lack, when we say them, we won’t manifest what we want.

Therefore, if we are praying for more money and we are doing it from a feeling of lack; what we get is more lack. It has taken me years to realize the truth of this. The way, in which we pray, is very important and there are several components – one of which is trust. Do we trust the Divine? Or, another question is: how much do we trust the Divine?

Our relationship to the Divine is tied to our relationship with our earthly Mother and Father. Remember, the Divine is the Heavenly Mother and Father. If as a child, there were no issues with our earthly parents, then there are no issues with the Divine. Very few of us can make the statement that our childhood was perfect – honestly. Here is an example. Let’s say, you had plenty of food, clothing, shelter and your every need was taken care of as a child. And, let’s say there were strings attached to receiving these things. For example, maybe you were sent to your room without dinner if your parents thought you misbehaved. Or, you were expected to be something other than what you were. If you towed the line, you were rewarded, if you didn’t you were punished. I am not saying this is wrong – at the same time we are shaped by our experiences.

The result of the above scenario could be – an expectation of being punished by the Divine if you didn’t behave in the way you thought you should behave. Let’s say, you are me. I grow up without a father in the home and a Mother who loved me but couldn’t take care of me. My relationship with the Divine was: you (the Divine) are not going to give me anything – I have to work and toil and get what I need for myself. You are there, but you won’t answer my prayers. There are many scenarios and I hope you are getting the point I have been making. Think about your childhood and your relationship with your parents. Then superimpose that relationship onto the Divine. This will tell you what your belief system is or was (if you have healed the parental issues) with the Divine. It all boils down to the level of trust we have in the Divine.

Fortunately for me, I have spent many years working through my parental issues. This has opened up a deeper level of truth concerning how things really work – concerning the Divine. My trust level has increased significantly. I am not going to say, I am 100% trusting, but I am getting there. You will too, once you start looking at your relationship to the Divine honestly. Only you and the Divine know or even need to know the truth of how you feel concerning this issue.

I can tell you this – if you have a poverty mentality (having a large sum of money isn’t a determinant of not having a poverty mentality) you have an issue with the Divine. This world is abundance. Abundance is all around us. We are shown in every way possible by the Divine that there is no lack. Take a look at nature and the plethora of vegetation or different species of creatures on this earth plane. See the multitude of stars as you gaze up at the night sky. Watch the waves in the Ocean of droplets of water. We are a part of the Divine as is all of nature. We are supposed to live in abundance, too. One of the main reasons as I have said, that we don’t live in abundance is due to our lack of trust in the Divine to provide what we ask for.

This is the time of year when we pay homage to Christ by celebrating his birth. I cannot or will I ever believe Christ had a poverty mentality, or did he teach that we should have one either. It is time to begin the work of trusting in the Divine. If not now, when?

Have a wonderful Holiday

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