Nature – The path to healing

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir

John Muir’s quote fits perfectly how I feel about nature. How about you – what comes to mind when you think of nature? What kind of mood does being in nature put you in? What do you gain by taking a walk on the beach or in the woods? For me – nature is the ultimate meditation. When I am in nature my mind calms and I feel the connection with Spirit. FYI - Spirit is the word I use for God.

Nature gives unconditional love to all beings regardless of who we are. It doesn’t matter if we perceive ourselves as rich, poor, smart, dumb, skinny, and fat – you get the picture. Nature only sees the true essence of who we are. She wants to cradle us in her arms and give us the love we so desperately crave.

Over the years I have run into so many people who take nature for granted and really don’t understand much about her. Yes, I said "her”. Nature is feminine.  I am always amazed when I hear someone say they hate nature or don’t like going for walks. I don’t think they realize what is really understood that nature is a path to healing ourselves. Here are a few things I know to be true about nature:

Nature consistently demonstrates our interconnectedness with everything. She does this through symbolism. Let’s say – for example, you are thinking about someone and wondering how they are doing. Well, because of the law of interconnectedness – our thoughts are heard by nature, who response using symbol. So, if your friend is – let’s say, having a rough time at work; you might see a small bird being preyed on by larger birds or maybe the wind starts to blow hard causing you to take defensive measures to protect yourself. Of course you do need to know how to interpret symbols but you can learn to do that.

Nature can respond in many ways, the point is, regardless of if you know symbolism or are paying attention, the answer to your thought is given.

Nature is a great teacher. Spending time immersed in nature teaches us how our world works and we learn our place in it. Having a good relationship with nature helps us to be better humans which benefit every being. There have been so many times when I have gone to the park or walked on a trail for inspiration or heal from some perceived hurt. IO has yet to end a walk without gaining more than I asked for.

Nature also shows us that there is plenty. Our Universe is abundance.  There is no lack. Take a look at the ocean or the sky. How many drops of water make up the ocean? Where does the sky end? When I see a forest of trees or the vast expanse of the desert – I think - abundance. There is always enough of everything. Nature consistently demonstrates that having right relationship with ourselves, others and nature creates abundance for each of us.
Nature teaches that nothing really ever dies – it is transformed. There is a natural life cycle with everything. Take a look at the cycle of life of flowers. They don’t die without giving us seeds for a new crop. How many times have you witnessed a forest fire and seen the life that begins to spring up shortly afterwards? I’m sure we have all seen branches growing out of tree trunks not long after the tree was cut down.  I watched a TV program a few years ago on what happens with nature after no humans are around. Well, we won’t win the war on the weeds in our yards. They are just kicked back – waiting on us to go away and then – they will show us whose boss.  Nature is more resilient than concrete or the weed be gone some of us use.

When I listen to nature – I am hearing the sound of Spirit calling – sending love, messages and blessings. When I feel the wind on my skin, it is nature’s way of comforting me. When I see a bird perched on a limb or flying overhead I know spirit is watching over me. When I eat the food that is a part of nature – I feel nourished by Spirit.

Nature is the best remedy for any emotional ailment.

How about you? When was the last time you spent time in nature?

Go ahead; you will be amazed at what happens.

See you next month