Mother of us all - The Great Mother Goddess

In past articles, I have mentioned the Mother Goddess but never really elaborated on who she is. It is time to begin the process of becoming acquainted with her, so the focus for this month’s article is: The Great Mother Goddess.

Not many westerners have ever heard of her, but she is known by a lot of the indigenous peoples of the world. The closest we in the west come to her is Mother Mary who is the mother of Jesus. She isn’t mentioned in our Bible or depicted on any icons and yet, she does exist.

The Great Mother Goddess is the Mother of all the God’s and Goddesses’ of all religions and belief systems. She is the feminine aspect of the Great All. The Great All is where everything originates – before any manifestation of the Cosmos. In Buddhism it is Dharmakaya or Samantabhadra (depending on lineage). In the western tradition of Christianity it is God. In Hindu the Great All is the Absolute Brahman. Every tradition is describing the same force. I like to call it the Great All or The Great Spirit – personal preference only.

The Great All has no gender. It is neither male nor female – It just is. That said - everything that has ever been or will ever be originates from it. And, to create the cosmos, which has a dual nature – gender was formed through Sambhogakaya – a lunminous form of clear light and Nirmanakaya – a dimension of ceaseless manifestation. (Buddhist terms)

The Great All divided itself into two – creating the Great Mother and Father. It is still only one, however until we reach full enlightenment and see things as they really are, we will continue to live in a dualistic world. This means that there is always an opposite of everything. For example there is yin and yang, male and female, night and day, up and down, in and out, mother and father.

The Great Mother Goddess is called by many names in different cultures. She is the Mother Goddess in Crete; Durga in Hindu; Iusaaset in Egypt and Nubian; Samantabhadri in Buddhism and Great Mother in other cultures. There isn’t room in this article to list all of the names for her in the different cultures. The point is to make you aware of her existence.

In early times we knew and worshiped both the Mother and Father. I believe - around the time of the Romans we began to stop looking to the Mother and only focused on the Father. This was done through worship of the one God, whether that was the Greek God Jupiter; Roman God Zeus or the Sun God, Apollo. The Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures also had names for the one God. Over time – the Mother was all but forgotten.
The consequences of forgetting about the Great Mother Goddess have been dire. The feminine principle is out of balance in both male and female. Remember our Cosmos is dualistic. Each of us carries both the male and female seed within us. There must be a balance between both aspects for us to be complete and to achieve our ultimate goal of enlightenment. We must re awaken the Mother within ourselves. This has to be done in a good way. In the animal kingdom – the babies and little ones turn to their parents to teach them how to act and behave. We are a part of the human kingdom – the same rules apply to us. If we don’t have good role models to teach us, we grow up - out of balance. When we grow up out of balance, we swim upstream in life, all the time trying to find our center.

The missing piece is the lack of a relationship with the Great Mother Goddess. She is the creative force and teaches us how to create our lives in a healthy, balanced way. She shows us how to love unconditionally and how to nurture in a healthy way. She teaches us how to be a good warrior and ultimately how to manifest our desires in a healthy way. She shows us what personal power really is and guides us on the journey to re awakening it and teaches us what we must do to hold on to it. She also teaches confidence and self esteem. The attributes she teaches are limitless.

The Great Mother Goddess is calling all of us back to her. Isn’t it time we answered the call?

In an upcoming article we will talk about how to begin the process of re acquainting ourselves with The Great Mother Goddess.

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