Moving: It Can Be A Rewarding Spiritual Experience

Hello everyone. I am sure some of you have wondered where the monthly article has been. It has after all, been a few months since you received an edition in your email. To be exact - it has been a full seven months since the last article was published. Where has all that time gone? So glad you asked.

First, the articles are back on line and you can expect to see them during the second week of each month, again.

Now, on to this month's article which will answer the question of - what has occurred over the past seven months to cause the article publications to be delayed? 

I have always been told - when telling a story 'it is best to begin at the beginning.' So, that is exactly what I will do.

This story began on my part (consciously) two years ago. I say consciously because that's when I knew that I would be moving. I just didn't know when or where. As with most of us humans we want to believe we can control situations - I know better and still I went down the rabbit hole of thinking I had -at the very least, some control.

Lesson number One - The only control we have is how we handle the situations that arise. How we handle what arises determines what arises next.   Yes, there is free will and there is also fate. I made the decision to move - or did I? - This is the question.

For now, let's say - I made the decision to move. Personally, I believe the Universal Intelligence was behind it all, pulling the strings. My free will came in by me saying Yes, I am going to move (It was an illusion that I made the decision). Saying no was an option. However, to do so would have brought a different set of lessons and in the end, I probably would have moved anyway. It just would have possibly been years later and the opportunities available would be different. 

Ahh - Lessons and teachings. After deciding to move, the next question was - where to move. My first thought was Bellingham Washington. I really had not planned on leaving Washington - at least not for a long time - I was secure there. Bellingham was chosen because of its proximity to Seattle and Vancouver Canada. Vancouver is a great place for acting jobs and I also had the idea to work as a life coach and astrologer in the area too. It was, in my mind the best of both worlds. I would be strategically placed between two great cities for work - this was logical in my mind.

My Ego was in full swing. It was in the driver's seat and wasn't going to turn the wheel over to the Higher Mind. The tool it used was my logical mind. What more could a person want. Not only that, but I could get back to Sequim for frequent visits with my friends. I will give you the punch line now - The Universe had other ideas on where I was to move!!! It all boiled down to 1 - "what was in my highest and best good"; 2 "what experiences did my Higher Mind (self or soul) wish to experience through the personality"; and 3 "what were my conscious and unconscious dreams". All of these areas needed to be in alignment with my Higher Mind. Not being in alignment guarantees suffering.

The Higher Mind is the boss, not the personality (ego). Fortunately for me, I wasn't too far off track. My personality was (is) following the desires of the Higher Mind with every area except where I was to move to. This one area needed adjusting. So, how did that adjustment happen?

First, the Universal Intelligence - which our Higher Mind is a part of - gives directions to the Higher Mind and the Higher Mind relays those instructions to the personality. This is a topic we will talk about in a latter article. For now, let's talk about what happened.

At the beginning of 2013, after careful mental consideration - I had the thought to take a look at Bellingham Washington as a place to relocate. As luck would have it (oh yes, there really is no such thing as luck. What we call luck is actually when preparation meets opportunity) In April a friend of mine and her husband were planning a trip to Bellingham for a meeting. (Ego Said)This is my sign - I am on track. What are the chances my friend is about to take a trip to the place I am thinking of moving to - I will go with them. So, I went - I loved it.

Now, I have to be honest; I had a bit of an internal feeling that I wouldn't be ecstatically happy there - but that was ok. What was important was the work and I would be comfortable there. At the time, California had crossed my mind, (nudge from the Higher Mind) however, I dismissed it because (in my mind (personality) I couldn't afford it).   In addition, (I thought) there are so many problems down there - one of which is the water issue. Then there is the cost of living, crime rate, etc - the list went on and on. Never mind, it was a place I had always wanted to live - since childhood. (I did a good job of limiting myself with this one).

My trajectory was Bellingham - my mind was made up. I checked the Astrology to determine the best date to put the house on the market - took a second trip to Bellingham in July 2013 to participate in a Holistic Fair, got a Bellingham Realtor to take a friend and myself around to look at houses. I was taking action - everything was a go.  I was sure this was where I was supposed to be. (The Ca niggle was justified by my saying - "one day I will get there. But first, I have to make the money to be able to live there.")

So, in September 2013 I put the house on the market, expecting a quick sale. I had followed the laws of Astrology, Numerology and a few other systems to come up with the date. I knew the house would be gone by Christmas. Well Christmas came and went and so did Easter, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. "What went wrong"? What was off"? "Why hadn't the house sold"? These were just a few of the thoughts that frequently came to mind.

All during this long decent into my personal Hades I kept asking for clarity from my Higher Mind. I also knew enough to know there was a reason for the delay and I had to trust the method I used to obtain the date of putting the house on the market. As it turned out I was being taught several lessons - one of the lessons was about trust and another one was paying attention to my feelings. Feelings are one of the main ways our Higher Mind gets messages to the personality. We will talk about the trust issue in the next article - So, no worries about not reading about it here.

During the ten months that the house sat on the market, I stayed highly focused on every personal issue that arose - being sure to clear or balance them as quickly as I could.  My world was upside down and all I had to hold on to was my belief system - which I did. I also knew this was a test and I planned on passing it - even if it killed me.  About a year after my initial thought to relocate to Bellingham a friend of mine and I were having a conversation and California came up, again. I was about to dismiss it, again but this time I checked to see if California was in deed, where I was supposed to go. Bingo!!! I was to move to Northern California.  What!!! How could this be so? - I said. How can I afford Ca? When I finally got my wits about me and calmed down - I sat with the idea of moving to California and finally - everything came together. It all felt right. By this time, my trust (of the Higher Mind) level had also increased. (My Higher Mind was waiting patiently for the personality to surrender) I had removed more obscurations to having the personality follow the directions of the Higher Mind. Once this was done, it was easier for me to say to myself - "It isn't my problem how I will pay for living in California. It is the Universal Intelligences' issue. And since there are no issues that the Universal Intelligence or my Higher Mind has - what am I worried about?" I completely surrendered control if the issue.

Shortly afterward, I sent out a mass email to friends in Northern California asking if anyone knew of anyone who rented mother in law apartments or rooms. I would put my furniture in storage and rent a furnished place. How did I know to take this action, you ask? When you get information from the Higher Mind saying what you are to do, it is up to you to take the first step (action). The next steps or leaps will be taken by the Higher Mind, in the form of opportunities coming your way. Within two months of taking this step - I had an offer on the house. The offer came in 10 months to the day of when I put it on the market.

I now reside in Santa Rosa California and couldn't be happier.  Opportunities for growth in all areas of my life are coming my way and I am very grateful. All I had to do was "Trust my Higher Mind" (completely) to know what is best for me. This whole experience has been a blessing - even the suffering. I have developed a much deeper connection with my Higher Mind and that has lead to me beginning the process of living a life better than I dreamed of.

My wish is by telling you this story you will begin the process of building a relationship with your Higher Mind. It is waiting. You have no idea of the blessings that are waiting for you.

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