How Spirit Speaks To Us – Sign and Symbol

Hello Everyone – Welcome.  I hope all of you are having a terrific month.

The idea for writing about this month’s topic – How Spirit Speaks to us, came about through a conversation I had with a friend several weeks ago. We were talking about how signs from the Universe present themselves and what they mean.   My friend was unfamiliar with the language of the Universe which prompted me to explain the meaning of the symbolism she received.    The fact that not everyone is aware of how the Universe speaks is evident and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you – how it works. 

It is imperative we know how to read the signs and symbols the Universe presents.  This knowledge allows us the ability to know if we are following the instructions from our Higher Self or if we are making decisions from our ego self – the two are very different.  It also provides valuable information concerning the truth of any situation and answers questions we have. It has taken years for me to learn this language and my knowledge level is still being expanded. 

Sign and Symbol is our original language - It was used long before written or spoken language was developed.  When we think about the time line of our existence on Earth – it really hasn’t been that long since we began using spoken language to communicate.  All we had was sign and symbol. This fact is quite evident from the symbols still being discovered on cave walls – all over the world.

The dictionary defines symbolism as: "something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial, token, figure, letter or mark.”  Think about it - we use symbolism every day to communicate with each other – therefore it shouldn’t be a big leap for us to understand the Universe uses it too.  What symbol do we use to tell someone to ‘stop’? – isn’t it either the red octagon shaped sign we all know or by using our hand - holding our hand up, palm facing out, fingers together. What about the ‘Peace’ sign – we all know what that is or the sign for ‘money’?

The point is – if we want to know what we are supposed to be doing in any given moment or need answers to life’s difficult questions all we need to do is ask the questions,  pay attention and the answers will present themselves to us.  I know, this is not easy to do and it does take time to learn. At the same time, we already know symbolism – it is embedded in our DNA. We just need a refresher course.

One of the key factors with sign and symbol is the ability to stay in the present moment. If the mind is wandering in the past or future, there is a large possibility signs will be missed when they appear. Sometimes the signs repeat but we can’t expect this.  For example: Let’s say you are having a conversation with a friend and she says "I just received a call from my office to fly to Paris for a meeting next week - do you want to come? My flight leaves at 8 am next Thursday.  I know this is short notice but there are still seats on the plane and I would love to have you come”.  A week earlier you had a wonderful dream about traveling to Paris. In the dream you were offered your dream job and you accepted it. Now your friend is sitting in front of you – asking you to travel with her to Paris. What do you say?  The Universe has sent you a clear message to ‘go’. You don’t need to know the reason, you just need to follow through and ‘go’. If however, your mind is elsewhere and not in the present moment, you probably didn’t make the connection between the dream and your friends offer.  On the other hand, maybe you got the connection and don’t do well with spur of the moment decisions – saying to your friend "Next Time”. You would miss the plane and the gift the Universe was sending you. Some gifts (opportunities) only come once in a lifetime. Each decision we make (Free Will) determines the next experience we have

Some signs are based on Universal symbols – such as the heart meaning a symbol of love or the symbol of an egg being a sign of a new idea that is incubating. Other signs and symbols can have several meanings.  Some signs are specific for the person.  For example: when I get a bear symbol, I know I have added protecting around me. For someone else, it might mean danger.

Signs are being sent to us all the time, to help us with decisions and to know the right actions to take concerning most situations. It is up to us to not only see the signs but also to interpret them.  The skill of interpreting signs takes time and it is worth it.

To begin the process of learning to read symbols from the Universe - think of a question you have. You don’t have to repeat the question to the Universe – it already knows the question.  However, if it will make you feel better to say the question out loud or quietly, by all means do it. The next step is to stay in the present moment as much as you can. The answer to your question can come in any form.  The Universe will use any means necessary to get the answer to you – it is up to you to see it, interpret the meaning and take action. 

Once, I asked a question and the answer was on a Bill Board I was driving past. It was amazing that I looked up and saw the sign.  The answer was timely, which is also the way the Universe works. We get the answers when it is appropriate for us to receive them.

I know this article is the tip of the iceberg concerning symbolism. However, my intention is just to introduce you to the idea.  Latter articles will examine the subject more deeply.