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February 11 2015

Padma Life Coaching Has Relocated to Santa Rosa, California

Padma Life Coaching has moved its headquarters from Sequim Washington to Santa Rosa California! Life Coach, Astrologer and Motivational Speaker Marie O’Neill has taken the bold step of relocating the business beginning January 2015.

Marie O’Neill first opened her business in Sequim WA in 2006 as a Life Coach and Motivational speaker - Later expanding the business to include Astrology, Past Life Regression and Tarot.  Making the decision to relocate was not an easy decision but she felt it was "right action” to do so. As a Life Coach and Astrologer, Marie advises her clients to have long and short term goals – reviewing short term goals every year to make sure they are still on track to reach long term goals.  She recommends reevaluating longer term goals every five years – making adjustments if necessary.  Using the same advice she gives to her clients – Marie took the company through a Life Review, analyzing every aspect of the company to determine if the goals she originally set were still valid along with what direction she now wanted the company to take. 

During the Company’s review, Marie realized she needed to relocate to a larger city to fulfill her desire to reach more people, helping them to change their lives. She made a very bold decision to relocate to one of her favorite cities – Santa Rosa California.

Marie O’Neill is committed to helping individuals live the life they want through sharing practical wisdom and useful insights using the skills she has acquired over a lifetime.  Marie believes that everyone has the ability and desire to be happy. What better way to help more people live their dreams than by offering individuals and groups around the world a balanced way to receive information and support to make changes in their lives, on their own schedules. No two people are the same; therefore Marie offers her services in several formats: Astrology; talks to groups; workshops designed for specific groups; membership in Padma Life Coaching; individual and Group coaching; Tarot readings; and Past Life Regression sessions. 

Marie is one who walks her truth. As I wandered through the terrain of a divorce and long distance move, I found solace in the home-fire of Marie's warmth, generosity of spirit, and laughter explained Susan Lewis.  Marie continues her education through classes, workshops and travel, especially to sacred places and exotic locations. 

An Open-House will be hosted in March at the new Santa Rosa location. It will be a great time to meet Marie personally and explore how she can help you live the life of your dreams!

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