Astrological Life Basket


It is an original creation based on the energies found in an individual’s horoscope. Each Life Basket is a one of kind because no two horoscopes are the same. The Life Basket is a rich three dimensional Mandela reflected through color, symbolism , gem stones and other embellishments that uniquely mirror the energy patterns of its owner.



The Life Basket blends the Ancient Science of Astrology with one of the oldest crafts used in every culture---basketry. Baskets were created to hold and carry that which is and was important or valuable. Specialty baskets have been designed for use in religions and ceremonies. Erecting a person’s natal chart or horoscope in a Life basket brings heaven and earth together to form personal art that would enhance any decor.

Each Life Basket will come with a horoscope wheel print out and guide to the baskets symbols. Each basket contains two custom crafted and engraved Indian Head penny’s by Michael Smith gold and silver smith. One bares the owners name and birth date and the other the artists name. The pennies are arranged among the gem stone dangles on the each basket. The basket colors and gem stones are associated with the planets and zodiac signs for the owner’s natal chart and the energy patterns produced for the individual. The baskets are approximately 7 to 8 inches in diameter and 3 to 4 inches tall. They will vary as they are hand made. The dyed pine needles and raffia are hand dyed by the artist. The glyphs are hand painted on mother of pearl or brown lip shell disc’s. The Hermetic color system will be use unless a birth time can not be provided, in which case the Tarot color system will be applied. The baskets are made with an attention to detail and therefore take a month to complete.


The baskets are made using coiled pine needles from the Georgia Long leaf Pine---which are an amazing 12 to 16 inches long. This particular pine can live over 300 years, and are now threatened in many areas.

Symbolically pine trees represent strength, immortality, longevity, prosperity, survival and are soothing to be near. In Celtic lore pine was called the sweetest of woods. The Ancients revered pines as the symbol of fire for their shape resembles the spiral flame.

The bundles of pine needles are sewn together with Madagascar Raffia Palm leaf. The Palm leaf represents durability, renewing, rejuvenation, resurrection and the cycles of life. As a craft material it is versatile, strong and lends itself well to the hand dying process the artists uses in the baskets.

Pine needle basketry is Unique to North America. The Seminole Indians of Florida are believed to have produced the first pine needle baskets. The Spirit of these two trees gives the baskets a very magical quality.



Jan has been an artist of glass and natural materials for many years. These materials are incorporated into her baskets, gourd vessels, masks, rattles, parrot feather fans and varying types of stained glass art.

In addition to her love of art, astrology and other metaphysical sciences Jan's life’s goal is the pursuit of knowledge. It is her nature to stay close to the natural world. Living and working from home on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State among the evergreen forest, rivers, mountains, oceans and wild life feeds her soul and encourages her artist passions.

Much of her inspiration has come from sharing her life with rescue parrots. Over the years she has lovingly gathered their naturally molted feathers. Their care and comfort are primary to her. After the feathers are cleaned they are disinfected by heat process before being used in her art. There maybe small imperfections on some feathers caused from the parrots daily activities. Parrots are among the most colorful of birds the vivid colors are natural and not dyed. One of Jan's most spiritual rescues was Nuvi -- an exceptionally small and handicapped parakeet. She is one of Jan's greatest inspirations . She flies in Jan's heart and as her logo.



Phone: (360) 452-6456 Email: [email protected]


Jan Blomquist: Hermetician, cherished teacher and friend

Michael Smith : Jeweler, silver and gold smith, for his edification and compassion.

Marie O’Neill: Life Coach, comrade and marketing

Charlotte Watts: Photographer, Nuvi’s image

Steven Forrest: Astrologer, appreciation and promotion

Christopher Gibson: Astrologer, Hermetician & Church of Light Ordained Minister, encouraged my art

My beloved parrots: feathers, love and inspiration they share for the art

My family and friends: for their love and encouragement

Spirit : for the vision of my creations

Astrological Life Basket, US Copyright 2012

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The Astrological Life Basket is a object of fine art designed for adults as spiritual art and display use.  These are not utility baskets or a toy for children of any age. The baskets are not fire or water proof and can be damaged by prolonged UV exposure. The embellishments are sewn and glued to the basket but could be removed with force. Any removal of embellishments or damage to the basket caused by the purchaser is the purchasers sole responsibility.

The price of the basket is non-refundable once it has been started, because each basket is a labor intensive personal, individual art piece.