March 19 2012

Changing the company name, adding a membership area and new services.

Offering workshops, talks and on demand coaching around the world in areas of life Renewal Coaching, Astrology, Past Life Regression and Tarot. Her new company, Padma Life Coaching is designed to give individuals and groups effective ways to enhance their own personal growth with clarity, impact, and style -- and a fresh, new face.

White Lotus Life Coaching is no more! Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Marie O’Neill has taken the bold step to rebrand her business. The new name is Padma Life Coaching.

Marie O’Neill has been in business using the name White Lotus Life Coaching for more than five years. Making the decision to rebrand was not an easy decision but she felt it was the”right action” to do so. As a Life Coach, Marie advises her clients to have long and short term goals – reviewing short term goals every year to make sure they are still on track to reach long term goals. She recommends reevaluating longer term goals every five years – making adjustments if necessary. White Lotus Life Coaching celebrated its 5th year in September of 2011. Using the same advice she gives to her clients – Marie took the company through a Life Review, analyzing every aspect of the company and determining if the goals she originally set were still valid along with what direction she wanted the company to take.

White Lotus Life Coaching started in 2006 out of Marie’s desire to do individual and group coaching. Over the years, Marie has grown and added several more skills to her tool box, which have benefited her clients. During the Company’s review, Marie realized she needed to not only add these new skills to her site – but she also wanted to add a membership area for people who wanted coaching 24/7. Marie also realized she wanted to reach more people, helping them to change their lives.

Having a membership area gives clients the benefit of downloading and viewing teachings on-demand. Member-clients also receive weekly emails with contemplation-action steps, to facilitate change; monthly group coaching calls; a forum to ask questions and make comments to other member – clients; and; in addition to all this, there is 10% off all products and services that Padma Life Coaching produces.

While still going through the company review, Marie lamented on the length of the URL – it was too long. Five years ago, it didn’t seem like a big deal but now – it was inefficient. Marie pondered a solution – she loved the name and what it meant. Marie talked to a friend about her dilemma. Her friend asked the question: "What’s the Tibetan word for "White Lotus”. "You are a Tibetan Buddhist student, so why don’t you look in that direction. Side note: That is why we all need an objective person to point out the obvious - when we are too close to the issue to see the solution. Well, Padma is the Sanskrit word for Lotus – hmm, she thought – Padma Life Coaching. It felt right. The lotus was the most important part of the name. Lotus’ can only grow in muddy water and they are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. We, as humans go through so much turmoil and strife – which is also muck and mud. We all have the innate potential to bloom into a wonderful lotus like person. Marie contemplated the name for a while and came to the conclusion to go all the way and change the name of her company while making other changes too.

Marie O’Neill is committed to helping individuals live the life they want through sharing practical wisdom and useful insights using the skills she has acquired over a lifetime. . Marie believes that everyone has the ability and desire to be happy. What better way to help more people live their dreams than by offering individuals and groups around the world a balanced way to receive information and support with making changes in their lives, when they are ready. No two people are the same; therefore Marie offers her services in several formats: talks to groups; workshops designed for specific groups; membership in Padma Life Coaching; One on One coaching and Group coaching. She is versed in Astrology, Life Coaching, Tarot, and Past Life Regression.

Marie is never happier or more at home than when helping individuals achieve their life renewal goals or speaking before a group. Marie constantly learns through classes and workshops and often travels, especially to sacred places and exotic locations to gain more wisdom.

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