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April 12 2012
March 1st - 5th, 2013:  Calistoga, California
Topic:  Neptune: Ecstasy, Transcendence & Delusion
Marie will be continuing her training in Steven Forrest's Apprenticeship Program.

September 28th - October 2, 2012: Northern California AP Retreat
Topic: Creating the Actual Nodal Story

Marie is excited to attend this retreat because the very heart of practical evolutionary astrology lies in the collision between the psychological and the metaphysical (past life) interpretation of the birthchart. To make the past life story come alive for the client, we need to present it in a lively, engaging fashion. We know the story is "made up," and we express that fact clearly to the client - but we also know that, if we do it right, the story we tell will parallel an actual unresolved drama from at least one prior lifetime, and that it will trigger a cathartic reaction which brings the therapeutic dimension of the interpretative process to fruition. Success here depends on two skills. First, we must have a solid grounding in the methodology of nodal analysis, the kind of material we have often covered in class and which is explored thoroughly in Steven's book, Yesterday's Sky. Second, we need to come up with a good, compelling tale, one that rivets clients' attention and pulls them right back into that charged space of emotional "remembering."

April 18, 2012 - Kirkland, WA
Marie attended the Constant Contact Boot Camp.

April 5-9, 2012 28th Annual NORWAC -Northwest Astrological Conference in Seattle. 
For more information visit the NORWAC website.

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