Money: How to acquire all you need

Hello Everyone – Welcome to the latest article addition. It is now September and most of us are back from vacations – if we took one. The kids are in school and we are thinking about fall and all that this implies. Maybe some of us are looking forward to the holiday season which is coming sooner than we might like. In any event, the subject of money has also been on most of our minds. How do we pay for the vacation we just overspent on? What about the kids school year needs – where is the money coming from to pay for them? And then, there are the holidays and the expenses we will incur.

And of course, there are many other questions that come to mind when thinking of money. What about retirement – how do we pay for it? Will we have enough? The list is endless. I’m sure just reading these words causes some of us anxiety where money is concerned. And yet, worrying about money isn’t our natural state of being. It is something we have cultivated over millennia. With this in mind – let’s take a look at money to see what can be done to stop the ceaseless worrying, fretting, and downright panic surrounding money.

Let’s begin at the beginning. In the beginning we were all one consciousness and we KNEW it. There was no – you and I. There still isn’t a ‘you and I’– but because of form (the body) we see ourselves as separate from each other. When we KNEW there was only one consciousness there was no fear, no idea that if I have something then you can’t have it too – no shortages. We KNEW everything was a part of the WHOLE. There wasn’t a NEED for anything. All we had to do was think the thought and whatever it was materialized before us. That was then and this is now. What caused the change?

It all began with our consciousness’ desire to expand and grow – to know who ’it’ was or ‘is’. This would be done through the process of re-learning who we are. To put this, another way – when we KNEW we were one, there was no growth. There wasn’t a way for consciousness to ‘Know thyself”. Therefore, consciousness created duality to begin the process. In the beginning there was ‘ONE’ and now there are ‘Two’. We now had ‘yin and yang’; ‘up and down’; ‘in and out’; ‘mother and father’, etc. It is still the One, but now the One is manifesting as Two. The intent was to have the Creative Aspect and the Active Aspects of consciousness manifesting in the Universe. Next, a Third was generated. The Third is the Intelligence Aspect. All three are supposed to work together in harmony. Each of us carries all three aspects within ourselves. However, because the original intention is to ‘know thyself’ - we must now; find our way back home to our original state of consciousness (the ONE). Our memory of who we are lay dormant and it is our job to uncover the truth – again. We are ‘all of us’ on a quest to get back to our original state of being.

Part of the journey of ‘knowing thyself’ involves working with our issues surrounding money. Money is only ‘matter’ – just like our bodies. We have gotten attached to both and yet both are not ‘who we are’. Attachment breeds fear - Fear of loss; fear of not having enough; fear of gain; hope for gain; fear of fear; etc. We are to use them without any attachment. This is the challenge and the gift. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be appreciative and give thanks when we receive money or have good health – we surely must appreciate what we are given. The quest we are on is our personal hero’s journey. Once the fear of money is transformed, the door to abundance is seen and we can have whatever we desire. Abundance is everywhere. The Universe provides everything we could ever dream of, we just don’t see it. And if we don’t see it, how can we claim it.

In the next article – a formula for helping alleviate the fear pertaining to money will be given. I use it and it works. Because we have been programmed for so long to embrace fear, it will take some time to change our habits. Transforming the habit of being fearful concerning money must be undertaken. It is a step on the path to getting back home – to ‘know thyself’.

If you desire help from a life coach who has many years experience transforming her own fears into assets, give me a call or send an email – I’d love to correspond with you.

My job is to help you live the life you were meant to live – without fear.