Lucid Dreaming - The Road to Enlightenment

For more than five years I've had the intention of becoming proficient in Lucid Dreaming on my list of goals. I'm finally working towards achieving this goal. The reason it has remained on my goal list is simple - it is a technique that will benefit the raising of consciousness. Lucid Dreaming helps us to do this by shining the light on our reality - hopefully changing our beliefs around what is real and what isn't. In addition, it can assist us at the moment of death - waking up when dreaming goes a long way to train us to remain conscious during the process of dying.

We all know through quantum physics that the world we live in is basically empty. Taking this knowledge further - so are the dreams we have when we are sleeping. What's interesting with Lucid Dreaming is the fact that we can wake up in our dreams and even change them. We've all had dream experiences that were downright weird - such as flying or having Tuesday come after Friday. I once had a gorilla dressed in clothing show up in a dream. In our waking state during the day these things wouldn't happen. The point is - we take our waking reality as real when in fact it is as real as our night time dreams.

I've said this before and it is worth repeating - The goal for all of humanity is to see things as they really are - empty (which isn't nothingness). Once this goal is achieved we are further down the road to achieving enlightenment. Even if enlightenment isn't your goal - having lucid dreams serves many other beneficial purposes. It is a good way to get solutions to answers to questions or problems we have in our daily lives. Remember Albert Einstein used Lucid Dreaming to solve difficult equations. Actions taken while Lucid Dreaming are more powerful which means it's a good place to work on karmic issues such as low self esteem or my favorite - procrastination. You can get to the root cause of these issues and resolve them while dreaming. I've even heard of people practicing presentations and enhancing their health while Lucid Dreaming. Another benefit is that your intuition is enhanced, which helps you to make better choices about your life.

Learning to have Lucid Dreams takes work for most people and yet for others it comes as natural as drinking a glass of water. So how does it work? To wake up in a dream we must first recognize that we are dreaming. Most of the time we wake up after a night's sleep and realize we have had a dream - past tense. We have to train ourselves to change this - one of the ways we do this is by being in the present moment during our waking state - as much as possible. How many times have you been in your car driving - arriving at your destination without remembering the details of driving there? We day dreamed while driving or have our minds on other things rather than our driving. Or, how many times have you eaten dinner mindlessly? We eat but where was our mind? Was it on the food in front of us or was it on a project we were working on, or a conversation we had earlier that day? Our night time dreams mimic our day time dreaming - it is all consciousness.

Practicing awareness during the day is one of the keys to Lucid Dreaming and so is setting the intention to have a Lucid Dream. The mind needs to know that you want to have this experience.

Learning to wake up in your dreams can be an exciting and rewarding journey of self discovery. My recommendation is to get instructions on the techniques - doing so increases your chances of being successful. There are courses being offered on the web and in various Buddhist Centers around the globe. Do your homework and pick one that fits your temperament and schedule.

"Sleeping and dreaming," teaches Andrew Holecek, "offer nightly opportunities for spiritual awakening." When you know how to wake up in your dreams, you transform sleep into a portal to the deepest experiences of reality.