USA - Our Collective Pluto Return

Pluto is the planet of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. It does the deep work of transforming anything it touches through the process of death. We must die to the old first - before we are transformed and then reborn. What must die are usually our outdated belief systems, relationships, and any aspect of our lives that are out of balance. Everyone has a Pluto in their chart, including countries, states and cities. If you don't know where Pluto is in your chart or how it is affecting you - it is a good idea to have an astrology consultation. Knowledge is power - we can't change what we don't see.

The dying process, no matter how we think about it, is hard work. For example -Very few of us willingly change our belief system. In some cases our beliefs are so entrenched that we are willing to die for them. Now, being willing to die for our beliefs isn't inherently a bad thing. The problem is if those beliefs are outdated or exclusive of others - trampling on someone else's beliefs. For the record; there is a difference between relative and ultimate truth. I say this because - until we evolve completely (reach enlightenment) - we will continue to make decisions based on relative truth. This means, our beliefs constantly have to be upgraded (hopefully). I'm sure you have heard the saying 'When you know better, you do better'. This last point brings us to the point of this article - our countries Pluto return (the planet returns to the position it was in at the time the country was officially formed) and the questions we must ask ourselves concerning our countries collective actions over the past 248 years.

Yes, I said 248 years. And, you are saying "I haven't been around that long. How can this have anything to do with me?" Well, here is your answer - "The part of you that is all knowing decided you should be born or live in this country. Therefore you are a part of the countries collective Karma." There is of course a more detailed explanation; however, it's beyond the scope of this article.

A little Astronomy - It takes Pluto approximately 248 years to orbit the Sun. When we hear the term "return" it indicates a planet has gone around the Sun and returned to its starting point. The starting point is determined by the beginning time of events (birth). Our planet Earth - takes approximately 365 days to orbit the Sun. Example: If you were born on March 30, 1981 - it would take 365 days for the Earth to move around the Sun and arrive back at your birthday. This is called a solar return.

Pluto is further away from the Sun than Earth and thus has a longer orbit. Pluto happens to be one of the furthest planets from the Sun - in our Solar System. Since the birth (starting point) of our nation took place on July 4, 1776 - our Pluto return occurs approximately 248 years from its starting point. The use of the word 'approximate' is because Pluto's orbit is varied. It takes Pluto anywhere from 12 to 31 years to go through a sign. The sign and degree that Pluto was in at our nation's birth is 28 degrees of Capricorn. Trivia Question: Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008. Do you remember anything significant happening in our country and around the world during that time? I'm sure you do.

Our nations Pluto return occurs in 2022 when Pluto again reaches 28 degrees of Capricorn. There is quite a bit going on with our nations chart during the time of our Pluto return and we will unpack it in upcoming articles. For now, what does this return mean for all of us?

Let's look at the meaning of Pluto to get a handle on this question. In mythology Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld thus anything in our subconscious mind is in Pluto's territory. He is also the ruler of minerals such as rubies, diamonds etc (we dig in the earth to acquire minerals.) Because our goal as humans is evolution we need Pluto to help bring to the surface - any aspect of our lives that need to be regenerated and purified. Another very important aspect of Pluto - especially for our nation is 'Power'. Pluto is all about power and the right use of it. If we are out of balance where power is concerned - at some point Pluto will show us the error of our ways - usually through some kind of death. It could be the death of a business, relationship, reputation or a host of other methods that involve dissolution. To be clear, it doesn't matter whether you are over using or under using your power - where Pluto is concerned each response is out of balance. Pluto wants us to delve deep within ourselves to do the hard transformational work that is required for us to evolve in a positive way.

Next - let's look at the sign Capricorn, which is the placement of Pluto at the time of the nations return. Capricorn is the mountain goat and is agile - moving up mountains in a sure footed manner to reach its goal. It may take months or years or decades to reach the summit, but that doesn't bother Capricorn - it just keeps going. Capricorn is the sign that says 'Let's get to work to reach our goals.' This is a sign that also says "show me the money. I'll keep going until I get it." This aspect of Capricorn is all about the issue of security and the question "How much money do we need to feel secure. If this sign is out of balance, there is no answer to the latter question.

Now, how do we put the above explanation of Pluto and Capricorn together to make sense of our nations return?

Two words - 'Finances' and 'Power'. How have we as a nation handled our finances over the past 248 years and how have we used our power? The answer to these two questions is dependent on who you ask. Of course, if we take a look at what has been happening to our nation since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 concerning our financial systems and the use of power - we will get an idea of our report card. The report card will be delivered in 2022.

What can we do as individuals about the nations Pluto Return? First, we must do our personal work. Where are we out of balance with our finances and the way we weld power? What does authentic personal power look like for you? Take a hard look these areas and be honest about the answers. If there is change that is needed, get started on it now. The years are moving fast - 2022 is 5 years away. Where finances are concerned - If you are in debt, my suggestion would be to do all that you can to eliminate it. The goal is to have a healthy relationship with money and power. We can affect change, but it has to be grass roots. We have to change ourselves; this in turn changes the collective karma.

I am not a predictive astrologer nor am I a doom and gloom person. Therefore, I will not make any predictions about what will happen during our collective Pluto return. We have FREE WILL - which is always in play. We still have time to take personal responsibility for our lives and our children's lives. It is time we seek the solutions to our problems internally rather than looking to others to solve them for us.

Our collective Pluto return is coming whether we want it or not. This will bring huge changes for all of us and it is up to us collectively and individually how we meet it. It's not too late for us to clean up our lives so that we can flow easily with the changes rather than trying to swim upstream - away from them. Swimming against the tide - as you know, can cause drowning and that's not a good thing.

If you haven't had an astrology reading in a while or have never had one, it is my recommendation that you have one done soon. An astrology reading is your unique blue print and can be a guide concerning how best to handle all aspects of your life.

Follow master astrologer Steven Forrest on an astrological journey into the realm of both darkness and the powers that can transform it: the planetary body Pluto. Whether officially named a planet or not, astrologers everywhere agree that Pluto is a major force. With this groundbreaking work, Steven emerged as one of the foremost voices merging astrological practice with the most courageous forms of humanistic psychology.