Eclipse's - How to work with them for healing

We have discussed the significance of retrograde planets and how they work; therefore there isn't a need to revisit this subject for a while. You are aware that during retrogrades it is a good idea to clean your plate of items that need resolution. We haven't talked much about equinoxes - a future article will cover these. This month I thought it would be a good idea to talk about Eclipses. Most people know how they occur; however most people don't know what their significance is or how to work with them - which is the focus of this article.

Each year we have several Solar and Lunar eclipses - which happens during the new and full moon. A Solar eclipse can only happen at a new moon when the moon is between the earth and the Sun. Although this happens each month, the alignment between the Sun, Moon and Earth is only exact a couple of times during the year. The moon's orbit is usually a few degrees higher than the Sun, which is why we don't have monthly eclipses. We also have four types of eclipses which are dependent on how much of the Sun is obscured; Partial, Total, Annular and Hybrid. A partial and total eclipse is pretty self explanatory but Annular and Hybrid may not be. When an eclipse is annular - it means the perimeter of the Sun can still be seen and if it is a Hybrid eclipse - it is out of the twilight zone in my opinion; the eclipse is seen as annular in some locations and total in others due to the curvature of the earth.

Lunar Eclipses can only happen during the full moon. During this period the earth is in the middle - the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. In astrology the angle between the Sun and Moon is 180 degrees. Technically the earth's shadow blocks the Suns light from reaching the moon. We can have a total, partial or penumbral lunar eclipse.

Now, let's talk about what it all means for us.

With a Lunar eclipse - It' all about the relationships we have with others and ultimately ourselves. The eclipse acts as a trigger to bring something hidden into the light to be changed - the shadow. Remember, a lunar eclipse happens when the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. Therefore, the moon isn't receiving light from the Sun. This can and usually does cause what we have been refusing to see to suddenly reveal itself in our conscious mind. We get a big 'ah ha' moment. We also get these types of spontaneous insights about other people, especially those we are close to - we are being shown part of their shadow. This is all occurring internally in the feeling body. We can't heal what we can't see and there are some parts of ourselves that we don't want to see. When the lunar eclipse happens we are being given the opportunity to heal relationships with others and ourselves.

When the Sun's light is blocked by the Moon - external events usually happen that force us to change unexpectedly. Although I am saying unexpectedly, usually we know there is a problem but do nothing about it and the Universe forces our hand. We are forced to walk a path that we maybe never thought of before. Remember, solar eclipses are happening at new moons - which mean a new cycle is beginning. For something new to begin in a particular area of our life, we have to give up what no longer works. This is a time of growth; however, I'm sure you have heard of 'growing pains'. That said the pain doesn't turn into suffering if we let go of what no longer works - which is what these eclipses are about. One of the reasons solar eclipses are so potent is - both the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and they are side by side in degree. For example: The Sun is in Pisces at 20 degrees and so is the Moon. Another reason for the potency of solar eclipses is - the Sun is our vitality, our will; how we see ourselves and that vitality is being eclipsed by the moon. We must reevaluate who we are and make changes - form a new reality. This can take awhile.

At the beginning of this article I gave you the punch line of "reveal, release, and rejuvenate. The question is - what part of our lives is being affected? The answer to this question depends on the part of your natal chart the eclipse occurs in. Eclipses happen in pairs. If we have a solar eclipse in January in the sign of Capricorn, then a Lunar eclipse happens the same month in the opposite sign - Cancer. Everyone has the eclipses happening in the same signs. However, the area of your life that is affected is determined by the house in which the signs reside. For example: if you have Capricorn in your 10th house of Career and you are experiencing a solar eclipse (the transiting Sun and Moon are in Capricorn), then your career or how you are seen in the world is affected. If you are experiencing a lunar eclipse that same month (Transiting Sun still in Capricorn and Transiting Moon in Cancer) the opposite sign Cancer would more than likely be in your fourth house of home - indicating both the 10th and 4th houses are involved.

We have just experienced a solar (Sept 1, 2016 and lunar (Sept 16, 2016) eclipse on the Virgo, Pisces axis. Virgo is about 'right work', health, service, daily routines, and guilt. Whereas Pisces is about spirituality, dreams, illusion, intuition and compassion. The solar eclipse was about a new beginning concerning one or more of these areas and the lunar eclipse are about our relationships. We are being forced to re evaluate what we really want. To be specific concerning the area affected, look to your natal chart for answers. One thing is for sure, eclipses help us clear up what no longer works - putting us on the right footing to live a balanced life.

Over the next few months (after an eclipse) it will become clear what you need to do to rejuvenate the specific area of your life highlighted by the eclipse.

"Spiritual Astrology'"s breakthrough -- the startling rediscovery of the importance of the solar and lunar eclipses occurring just before one's birth -- reveals the lessons you came here to learn and teach, and provides a revelation to anyone who has ever looked to the zodiac for guidance.