Numerology - What the Numbers Mean

In previous articles we talked about the origins of numerology and its meaning. In this article we will talk about the meaning of each number. My hope is to spark your curiosity to explore this subject further. Numerology is a wonderful tool which can assist you in all aspects of life - such as: when to start a project; insight into personality traits of yourself and others; your life path; life cycles of businesses; the type of person you should be in relationship with; what careers are best for you and so much more.

In numerology the numbers 1 through nine are used along with numbers 11, and 22, 33 which are called master numbers.

Starting at the beginning:
1 - This is the initiation point as stated above - the beginning. People with this number as their life path number are driven, they are the most motivated individuals you will find and they value their independence. If a number 1 has a goal, get out of their way or you will be run over. It's not personal; it's just the one pointed focus of #1's. This is also the magician - a person who can create out of thin air.

2- This is the number of duality. People with this number as their life path number are intuitive. It is the number of the Priestess and the Priestess see's things as they are - as one. Seeing everything as one is fine on the absolute level of reality, however on the relative level there must be boundaries, which the 2's have to develop. Taking care of yourself first helps you to have the energy to help others and know your limits.

3- This is the number of the trinity which in this case means transformation. People with this number as their life path tend to continuously transform their lives and instigate transformation in people they encounter. This is also the number of the Empress - the mother archetype. The mother takes care of her flock - she helps them to achieve goals and transform themselves and gives them pep talks that uplift them when they are down.

4- The number four is the workhorse of the numbers. People with this number run rings around everyone else in the area of work. This is the number for the Emperor and the Emperor comes up with strategies to get things done. They are efficient and don't tolerate slackers. They are constantly seeking knowledge and better ways to do things. Fours are the teachers of the world. They love to teach what they have learned - to make the lives of others better.

5- Some people say that this is a number of strife, however I don't agree. I'm a 5 and while my life has had many challenges, I don't see it as strife. Fives are constantly on the move - very active. Trying to control a 5 is like trying to control the wind. They are natural detectives and their sixth sense is on overdrive, which means they feel you - before you say anything. Being honest is very important to a five - it's all about trust. This is the number for the Hierophant whose job is to administer religious counseling to the people.

6- This is the number of love. People with this number are natural nurturers. You will never go hungry when a #6 is around and your needs (even perceived needs) are taken care of. They are masters at running organizations due to their ability to know what needs to be done. They not only see the big picture - they see all the steps and processes that go into making things work. This is the number of the Lovers in the Tarot and they truly do love those who get their attention.

7- This is the number for healing - specifically spiritual healing. People with this number are questing to know themselves, therefore they tend to enjoy alone time. This time is used to contemplate life, to find out what it is all about. They love being in nature, walking by the ocean or through lush forests. Sevens are intellectual and tend to be the great thinkers in the world. In the Tarot, seven is the number of the Chariot - who is in deep contemplation to determine which direction to go. Once that direction is determined through intuitive means - success is assured.

8- This is the number of infinity and as such people with this number tend to attract numerous ways to acquire wealth - whether they acquire wealth is another question. Eights are good in business management, because their goal is the bottom line - profit. It's the bigger picture that interest eights - not the day to day management. The eights have to learn the cycle of money - sometimes you're profitable, sometimes you're not. In the Tarot - the number eight is represented by the Strength card - Courage is the key word.

9- This is the number for the humanitarian. They not only feel the suffering of the world but they do what they can to alleviate that suffering. They see and understand that we are all one and if someone is suffering, we all are suffering. They can be chameleons due to their uncanny ability to relate to anyone they encounter. One of the lessons of nine's is to let go of the past and to live in the present with joy. Nine in the Tarot is the Hermit - each person must climb the mountain top to 'know thyself' then come down and help others to do the same.

11, 22, and 33- These are considered master numbers which means the energy is intensified. The root numbers for them are 2, 4 and 6 which stipulates the person can only access the higher frequency numbers by going through the root number. For example: if you are a master number 33, your root number is 6 - you have to learn to love yourself before you are able to love and support humanity to love altruistically. If you attempt to live the master number without mastering the root number - your results will be tainted; a better word is 'delusional'.

Numerology is a wonderful tool to assist you on your life journey. I hope this brief article has inspired you to take a closer look at this system of divination and as always, send me your comments and questions.

International bestselling author and media sensation Glynis McCants created this exciting guide to love through the power of Numerology because she believes that the greatest gift one can receive is that of true and lasting love.