The Process of Obtaining Joy

In the last article – we learned what "Joy” looks like and how it feels once we have attained it. In this article we will begin to break down the barriers to obtaining joy. We will accomplish this by talking about the processes involved to achieve the goal of joy.

Now, before we get started – I have to give you a disclaimer. OK - this is not a real legal disclaimer.  This is a life disclaimer – here goes:

  •   Don’t attempt these processes if you really don’t want to change – change is inevitable.
  •   Don’t attempt these processes if you want a quick fix – there is no such thing as a quick lasting fix.
  •   Don’t’ attempt these processes if you are not willing to do your "life” work – you are already doing it, albeit unconsciously. That said – your goal is achieved quicker if you are willing to do the work consciously. 

And last – but not least;
  • Don’t attempt these processes if you don’t have a sense of humor – laughing eases tension and promotes really good problem solving abilities.

These disclaimers, as I call them will be discussed in future articles - So, no worries if you want to hear more about them. For now, let’s talk about the meat of obtaining your goal of joy.
As I said in the prior article –Joy is a feeling, it is a state of mind. I believe it should be the default setting of your "Spirit”. I am not talking about being a Pollyanna, who glosses over pain and suffering – only showing a happy face in adverse situations. When something horrible has happened in your life – you should feel it.  That said, having your basic setting as joy, helps you to move through the pain in a healthy manor, integrating any lessons that need to be learned and seeing your way forward in a more clear and balanced way. 

Here we go - We have all heard and possibly read about the power of Intention; the law of attraction; the power of positive thinking etc. They are valid and we will talk about them in subsequent articles, but there is a piece of the puzzle to obtaining joy that you may not be aware of. If you are aware of it, you might not know how it works.

I like to call it: The Law of Obscurations. I don’t know if it is a law, but I do know – if you don’t clear them, you won’t achieve lasting joy - It is a baggy- I repeat – you will not reach your goals unless you clear away obscurations.  An obscuration is a block or hindrance – No; it is not your boss, spouse or siblings.  They are mirrors.  I like to call them human road maps to seeing clearly. They point out our strengths, weakness and obscurations thru the mirror effect.  Obscurations are ways of thinking, belief systems, attachments, karma, etc. These are the basic ones, but there are many. Most of them however are symptoms of the ones listed here.  As humans, unless we have achieved enlightenment – we have them.
If and when you set the conscious intention to have joy in your life, you can be sure that you will begin to see them. They are there – in your face even when you are living unconsciously, you just don’t recognize them for what they are. As I said if you are working consciously – you will see them and work on them. They will continue to show up in your life and lives until you heal them.

There is a lot more that you need to know about obscurations.  In addition there are many ways to heal obscurations and I would love to talk to you about them all, but there isn’t space for it in this article. I will however - in the next article, supply you with more details along with giving you an example or examples of obscurations I had, worked on, and cleared out. There was a direct correlation between clearing them and gaining more joy and peace in my life. Hopefully, this will help you to see your way more clearly to clearing the obscurations in your life. In the meantime, start paying attention to what keeps coming up in your life. 

Talk to you next month