A Personal Astrology Story

I am sure everyone has used the phrase "if Only" to refer to various life events that didn't turn out well or choices made that weren't very good choices - and after the fact realized an error was made because of missing information. Well, that is the way I lived my life before learning about astrology and making it a part of my life.


I was 40 years old before receiving my first Astrology reading. OMG - what a revelation that was. My life was laid out before me like a perfectly fitting glove. I was spell bound. How could a person who knew nothing about me know so much about my life? How could he know what opportunities where there for me to act on or what I should be wary of? My goodness, he was just looking at a page with symbols on it - how could those symbols tell him anything about me?


At the time of the reading I was going through a very rough period. The astrologer - David Pond didn't know this. I only gave him my place; time and date of birth - he did the rest. David saw - in 2002 the loss of my job and in the chart. He saw that I was going through an identity crisis. David also saw that I had just moved to a new town. Little did I know, each of the symbols in astrology tells a story? That story is linked together by aspects, houses, signs and planets. He knew how to interpret these components in the same way you are reading these words - you learned to read English. My world had been turned upside down and here I was, sitting in front of this stranger, feeling vulnerable and naked. He was so kind. I do believe the good astrologers have the added benefit of being intuitive also- and he was. He told me truth in a way that I could understand. He also helped to guide me through the next few years of self discovery.


I have found Astrology to be a most beneficial tool for making decisions. The way each planets affects us and manifests is based on our individual level of consciousness. An astrologer brings to your awareness what that energy is and gives you possible ways to work with it to achieve your goals.


Whenever I had a tough decision to make - is this good business for me to start or is this person someone I should partner with, etc - I would call my astrologer and see what was in my chart. I would also - and still do, look at my chart every year, to keep ahead of what energies are brewing in my direction via the planets concerning all aspects of my life. . .


You see, your birth chart is the blueprint of your life. It was set at the moment of your birth. That is why it is so important to have the exact minute of your birth to have an accurate blueprint. As you know, planets and all other object in the sky are constantly on the move. Every degree of planetary movement helps to determine how we feel and act. An example of this is the moon. We have all heard of people doing crazy things on full moons, like more road rage; being more emotional; making a decision to buy a new car on an impulse; etc. Well, the moon's position affects us - energetically as does all objects be it planets, asteroids, or stars - as above, so below.


Your blueprint is specific to you; no two people can have the same blueprint - not even twins. This is because of the time of birth; one twin has to be born first. Isn't it amazing that an astrologer can look at a babies' chart and tell the parent how best to parent that child based on the chart. The blueprint of your life gives you information on every aspect of your life - home, business, relationships, finances, creativity, relocation and a lot more.


I was so impressed with astrology that I began to read books on astrology and attend conferences. My intention was to learn all I could about me and if astrology could help I was all for it. I still remember my first conference, I knew nothing. I couldn't read the symbols - let alone know what they meant. I went to the sessions, took lots of notes and listened to seasoned astrologers lecture. I started learning how to interpret the symbols and string meaningful astrological sentences together. It was amazing, fun and challenging, at the same time. Little did I know that I was following in the footsteps of some great people in history who were astrologers. Here are a few facts you might not know, I didn't:

  • Ancient Astrology is the Root of Science
  • Mathematics was created because of astrology
  • Shakespeare and Chaucer used astrology in their writings to develop character traits.
  • A third of the U.S. population say they believe in Astrology
  • Carl Jung was an Astrologer
  • The number of academics - particularly psychologists are using Astrology is increasing.
  • Einstein believed in Astrology and said: "Astrology is a science in it and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it".

Based on the effects Astrology has had on my life and others I know - I am a firm believer in it's' ability to help us achieve our life goals. After a few years of studying Astrology for myself, I began to do a few Astrological blueprint reading for my friends. My intention was never to be a practicing astrologer and yet, it was in my chart that that was a path I could take - my choice. I do wonder about the choice part - it seems the Universe fully expected me to take the leap. At a most auspicious time - a couple of days before my 50th birthday, I had an astrology reading with a well known astrologer - Steven Forrest; who just happened to have an apprenticeship program - go figure.


I have learned to pay attention to the messages sent to me by the Universe and so, entered the apprenticeship program in 2011. This fall I will be certified as an Astrologer. Yep, I am now a practicing astrologer - a full 10 years after beginning the journey of self discovery through astrology.


Well, this is my story and I am sticking to it.