What It Means To Live Life In Joy

Everybody wants joy, but what does it mean to live your life in joy. This is a question that most people don’t contemplate. Is living your life in joy a feeling or is it something else – something more tangible? We say we want it, but we don’t know what it looks like or how to obtain it. We tend to go through life just letting it happen to us rather than orchestrating it ourselves. I digress,

The answer to the question of what joy looks like is unique to each of us. For some, living life in joy means having a loving family for others it might be not having the commitments of family or being able to travel the world. Each of us has an inner compass that dictates what joy looks like.  There is however, a deeper more intrinsic nature to living your life in joy, which goes beyond what it looks like externally.

To make this point clear, let’s use the analogy of a beautiful home. On the surface the home is beautiful – the furniture is placed in the perfect spot, everything is clean and the house looks marvelous (external). Now - how was the house built? What type of material was used and how was the construction? What type of soil is the house built on, etc (internal)? I think you are beginning to get my point. If not, you will by the end of this article. 

We have all heard the phrase "There is a time and a season for everything”. It is a phrase that fits life and the way we are supposed to live. It is one of the keys to living our life with joy.  If we are in sync with the rhythm of life our lives will run more smoothly. We will be more authentic.  That is not to say that we won’t get angry or have problems in our lives. We will – however, move through those problems quicker and they will be resolved in an authentic way – which means our decisions are based on "right action” rather than manipulation – trying to get what we want at the expense of someone else. Problems also won’t arise as often. This is because when you are in a good rhythm with life, your life is flowing with the current and not up stream, against it. You will instinctively know how to respond to most situations in the moment they arise. You will feel more at ease with life and you won’t feel rushed. Whatever you are working on will be accomplished on time and sometimes ahead of schedule.

Ultimately, being in sync with the natural rhythm of your life brings you to the place of inner peace and joy. Yes, it is nice to have a beautiful home and wonderful children or travel the world experiencing other cultures. The list of external symbols of joy is endless. But, what good does it do you to have these experiences if you are not feeling joyous internally.   Having internal joy as your foundation elevates the external experiences of your life to a higher level. They become almost spiritual – your soul is touched in a good way. The bottom line is –the joy you achieve internally is more sustaining. The exterior forms of joy are fleeting in nature – nothing is permanent. Seek your joy from within rather than anything outside of the self.

Next time, we will discover how to begin the process of getting your life in sync with your natural rhythm. Isn’t it about time that you find your joy – IF NOT NOW, WHEN?