Gratitude For All Seasons

The holiday season is fast approaching and our thoughts will soon be turning to making that long list of "things to do” for the season. I am no exception where this is concerned. My preference is Christmas but I also love Thanksgiving. Even though it is cold outside for most of us, my heart is warmed by the meaning of the holidays. The spirit of giving is in the air. It is the one time of the year when most people are in a generous mood – making donations to charities, volunteering and being kind to others.

That said - from time to time I have often pondered the question why so many people wait until this time of year to go out of their way to help others. It is as though there is an internal switch that flips to the "on” position saying "It’s time to give and be nice to other people”. Now, I am not saying that this is a trait of everyone. I also see and know plenty of people who do go the extra mile – all year long for others without any expectation of getting anything in return.

In one of my pondering sessions, I came up with what I think is part of the issue. It has to do with not remembering to be grateful. Of course, there are those people who just don’t want to be grateful about anything. – This is not who I am talking about. Most people believe in being grateful, they just don’t think about it often.

Here are a few benefits of living life in gratitude all year: people who live their lives in gratitude are much more content and happier than people who don’t. There is a feeling within them of groundedness and knowing their place in the cosmos. They are interested in the well being of other people and quickly go to someones aid, even when they have little to give. This is because of their belief in the interconnectedness of us all. They are not as prone to depression and if something occurs that causes pain – the pain is moved through easier. More good is attracted in the life of someone who lives life being grateful. People who are grateful tend to look younger than they actually are. Their energetic system attracts others who want to give to them. These are just a few of the many benefits of living life in gratitude.

I believe there is always something to be grateful for, not just at the holiday season but throughout the year. And, I am also sure that you can think of at least one thing you are grateful for throughout the year. If you are one of the people who thinks you can’t find something to be grateful for all year long, here is a small sampling of what I am grateful for. Hopefully reading this list will give you some ideas:

-I am grateful for my family and friends
-I am grateful for my health
-I am grateful for being alive
-I am grateful for my sight
-I am grateful for the kindness others show me
-I am grateful for the people who supply the food I eat
-I am grateful for the person who brings the mail to my home
-I am grateful for the person who services my car
-I am grateful for the barista at my favorite coffee shop
-I am grateful for house I live in
-I am grateful for YOU – who is reading this
-I am grateful for having a washing machine
-I am grateful for the heat that warms my home
-I am grateful for the music that feeds my soul
-I am grateful for the animals
-I am grateful for the wind
-I am grateful for water

I am grateful for every aspect of my life and I challenge you to start your own list – it will change your life. Find something to be grateful for every day for the next six months and see how your life changes.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and remember to be grateful for every part of your life.