Happy New Year! The End of A Cycle of Years


Christmas day is fast approaching and so is the New Year. When I say "New Year” – I am not just referring to January 1, 2013. I am referring to the GREAT YEAR – according to the Mayan Calendar.  Do I have your attention yet? I hope so.

The reason I am writing this article is to give you a few scientific facts about what is happening in our Universe now.  We are not going to fall off the Earth or have the end of times.  What is occurring is the ending of a really big cycle of time. On December 22, you will get up and still follow your daily routine – what ever that may be. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected by the energy of this event. However, when are we NOT affected by what happens in the sky?

Here we go:  

The first piece of the puzzle is The Great Year. The Great Year is actually a cosmic cycle called:  The Procession of the Equinox which takes approximately 25,920 of our years to complete a single rotation (procession). Here is a brief explanation of what a procession of the Equinox means. A procession is broken down into twelve astrological ages. An example of an astrological age is "the age of Pisces” which is just ending. It takes 2,160 years to go through an age-
  Our earth is spinning like a top on an axis.  The rate of the spin causes a bit of a wobble which is most noticeable at the North and South Poles. We don’t feel the wobble but it is happening. The point is, if you were looking at the sky 25.920 years ago and you saw, for example Polaris (North Star) on the horizon, it wouldn’t be there again until today – 25,920 years later. It takes that long for the earth to get around to the same point. Currently we are experiencing an end of this full cycle.

In addition to being at the end of the Great Year and the end of the Piscean age – there are two other ages that are also at an end. The Great Year is also divided into 5 smaller cycles of 5,125 years called World Periods. This goes beyond the Astrological ages. It is related to astronomical events, such at passing through galactic planes or comet fields. The last 5,125 year period began in 3113 BC and will end this year. This was the fifth and final age in the 25,920 year cycle. 
 We are currently at the end of this cycle of years as well.                                                                        

Like the Mayan’s - the Hindu’s also use the 25,920 year cycle. Their teachings however, break the Great Year down into four ages - golden, silver, bronze and Iron, each lasting 6,480 years.   The golden age (first age) is a peaceful and spiritual age. The Golden Age is followed by the Silver Age, which is also a harmonious period. The next age is the Bronze Age. In this age spiritual practices begin to fade and the world becomes more materialistic. The final age is iron and is ending now. The Iron Age (Dark Age) is the age of ignorance, war and suffering. The cycle then begins again but this time in reverse order

Now that I have given a brief overview of what is happening scientifically, the question that I am sure is on your mind is: What does this all mean for me?

We have been bombarded with so much hype about 12/21/12 making it a challenge to know what to believe. There are movies and articles telling us the end of days is here – Armageddon are upon us.  Then there are those who say we will ascend to "someplace” – I have no idea where – so don’t ask me.  Get ready – pack your bags.

On the surface December 22 isn’t going to be any different than December 21st.  That said - there are changes that are all ready happening and will continue for quite some time. Remember, we are at the end of a Great Year. Also remember, we are not at the end of times. So, we will have a beginning of a New Great Year and all its cycles.  Whenever there is an ending of something and a new beginning – there is a transition period.

In the next article we will talk about the transition to the new Great Year and what it means for you and me.