Sun Sign Astrology - A Partial Truth

"What's your sign?" Most of us - of a certain age remember this question being asked back in the day - the day being the 70's and 80's. It was frequently used as a pick up line by some and a way to determine computability by others. Everyone was using it - well everyone who considered themselves cool.

Today - many people read their sun sign prediction in the newspaper or on the internet - hanging onto every word as though their life depended on it. If the prediction is positive their mood is upbeat for the rest of the day. If - by chance a not so positive prediction is given; their attitude reflects it.

Why is so much validity given to Sun Sign predictions? It is true that some people read the predictions out of boredom and mild curiosity. However others can't wait to hear the predictions. There are various answers to this question but I believe the largest reason is most people don't understand how astrology works. The sky is filled with stars, planets, asteroids, constellations and a host of objects not yet identified. We are affected collectively and individually by all of them. Based on this fact - our Sun - albeit very important to who we are, is only part of our story.

For that matter, the Sun is affected by its' aspects to other planets, stars, asteroids and objects in the sky. In layman's terms - this means your Sun sign is colored by the other objects distance to it, which influences how the Sun operates in your life.

Yes, the Sun Sign is very important. The Sun gives us our vitality - it represents our identity and ego. Without it we would not have any drive to accomplish goals - there would be no drive to do anything. Without it we would cease to exist. That said, our planet Earth revolves around the Sun, as do the other planets in our solar system and we must not forget to view the whole picture, which includes at a minimum the planets that revolve around our Sun.

Here is a very brief explanation of the planets that must be factored in to get a better explanation of who you are and what energies are affecting you at any point in time.

Moon - The moon gives us our physiological make up. It determines how we feel and the way we react to situations on an emotional level. The moon also represents our Mother and our relationship to the feminine.
Mercury - Mercury is the messenger planet. Where ever he is in our chart determines how we communicate our thoughts and feelings along with how we analyze every aspect of life.
Venus - Venus is the planet of love; aesthetics; creativity and gifts. She represents the feminine quality in both sexes. Wherever she is in our chart determines what, how and whom we love.
Mars - Mars is the god of war and represents the masculine aspect of both males and females. This is the "get it done" planet. Wherever he is in our chart determines what we are willing to fight for.
Jupiter - Jupiter is the Santa Claus planet. He is the planet of opportunity and luck. We tend to think big wherever we are being affected by Jupiter in our chart. We need to be very careful with this planet too - it is also the planet of excess.
Saturn - Saturn is the strict task master planet for all of us. He is the elderly wise school teacher, presenting challenges for our inner growth. We must pass Saturn's tests if we are to feel safe and secure in our life.
Uranus - Uranus is the planet representing eccentricity, inventiveness and freedom. Wherever he is in the charts determines where and how we think outside the box. Our uniqueness shines out thru this planet.
Neptune - Neptune is the planet of spirituality, imagination and delusion. Neptune gives us our psychic sensibilities along with how we view our relationship to the divine. Not having the right relationship with Neptune can cause delusion in the form of obsessions with (for example) drugs, alcohol, sex, games and just about anything that we are obsessed with.
Pluto - Pluto represents to God of the Underworld. This is because wherever he is in our chart we are being asked to dig deep within ourselves (unconscious mind) to discover hidden hurts - bringing them to the surface (our conscious mind) to be healed.

Each one of the planets mentioned above affects our Sun in very definite ways based on where they are in relation to the Sun at any given point in time Just imagine what it is like to have the Lord of the Underworld next to your Sun or Venus opposing it. There are many variables to consider and we haven't even mentioned the signs with the planets and the flavor they add.

So, the next time you read your Sun sign prediction beware - it is not telling the whole story. If you want the big picture - get an astrology reading from a qualified astrologer.