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The Sages tell us that the purpose of life is to be happy! But "How do we achieve this happiness"?

We have all looked for it outside ourselves for it at one point or another. We have sought it in the job, love interests, children and a host of other ways, which only work temporarily.

Since the Evolutionary path to our ultimate goal of happiness is different for each of us, it is important that you are in control of your own journey. Becoming a Padma member gives you freedom and structure at the same time.

As your coach, I have put together a format of teachings, contemplation-action steps and group coaching sessions – all in one place for your use, when you want it! After all, we do lead busy lives and sometimes schedules change, which can mean canceled appointments, leading to loss of focus on goals - which could slow down or stall your progress.

Here's What You Get!

Monthly video teachings on "Life Renewal” topics

Each month there are talks for you to listen to on life renewal subjects. The talks are between 20 and 30 minutes in length and are designed to give insights on how to achieve and live a happy and fulfilled life. The talks are downloadable so that you can listen to them at your convenience

Weekly Contemplation - Action Steps

Every week you receive a contemplation action step for the week via email. Learning on an intellectual level is only a part of the formula for making like changes. You must integrate what you have learned. Contemplation helps you to do that. Contemplation along with action quickens the learning process.

Downloadable Self-Assessments

Access to self-assessments can be used to give you a black and white picture of where your trouble spots and strengths are.

Member only forum

Camaraderie is a great way to stay motivated to reach goals. The forum is a place for you to talk with other member clients who are also renewing their lives to give and receive support. It is also a place where you can ask Marie, your coach, questions. Questions asked here will be answered on the forum.

10% off all products and services produced by Padma Life Coaching

Your 10% discount is only available on services and products produced by Padma Life Coaching and do not include products produced by any other entity. This discount can only be used by the member-client. It is not transferable and can not be combined with any other promotions.

Level II Membership

Level II membership includes everything above PLUS a monthly 1-hour group coaching call. Once a month join me for a 1-hour group coaching call. Group interaction is one of the best ways to grow in a safe environment. It is a way to be championed on the path of Life Renewal by other people who are just like you. On this call the group group decides the agenda, which makes it co-creative. The calls are facilitated by Marie and will not be recorded.  You must be in attendance to obtain the information.


How to Begin!

Becoming a member client gives you access to teachings on a regular basis at a reasonable price. I believe that knowledge should be available to everyone, so the price of membership is set at only $19.97 a month. You can cancel at anytime, no questions or hassles. Your information is kept private and is not sold or given to anyone outside of Padma Life Coaching.

It’s easy to begin the process of renewing your life today. Just sign up for your membership, and you will have access to the members-only area immediately.

To reach the Holy Grail of Happiness, the Sages say "We must know ourselves”.

What does knowing ourselves mean? What does it mean to you?

We must take time to know all aspects of ourselves, including the seen and unseen.We must not only know it, we must honor it and its lessons along our evolutionary path.

The journey to self-discovery must be a conscious one, in order to "know thyself” and to reach the ultimate goal of true happiness. To do it any other way would be like flying a plane without using its navigation system.

Here’s to Your Journey of Self Discovery.

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