Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is used to facilitate understanding and healing of past life issues. It is one of the best modalities to get to the bottom of current day issues.

My purpose in offering these sessions is to assist others in their current life’s evolution.

  • Past Life Regression is centered on helping clients heal current issues that began in a prior life
  • Past Life Regression helps clients learn how they got to this point in their current lives
  • Past Life Regression is a safe and effective way to look at your history in order to chart where you need to go

The Dolores Cannon technique of Past Life Regression is used to facilitate the sessions. Each session is approximately 2 hours in length – Come with a list of questions you want answered concerning your current life. The answers are usually rooted in the past.

Each session is unique in nature and it is impossible to know ahead of time which life you will be directed to by your subconscious. It is the director of the show. The facilitators’ job is to ask the questions you wish for your subconscious to answer. So come with an open heart and mind.

The sessions are intense and it is suggested that you allow yourself an hour or so after your session for contemplation. This can be done by taking a walk or sitting quietly and having a meal. Your session also includes a ½ hour of coaching right after the regression is completed.

Sessions are in person unless there is a compelling reason to have them via phone or Skype. If you wish to have the session at your home, extra charges for travel expenses will apply.

The cost per session is $200.00 US and includes a CD of the session.

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